Episode 11 – Magnus Sundelin

Join us for this wonderful chat with the one and only, Magnus Sundelin aka Sloyd Magnus. We get into the lifelong journey of sloyd for Magnus, starting with whittling in the woods alongside his grandfather, and the long circuitous path that lead him to where he is today as part crafts teacher, green woodworker and tool maker. We get deep into the philosophy of what sloyd means to Magnus, to culture, and to humanity at large. We get into the weeds with his passion for blacksmithing and tool making and his approach to designing and making the best tools he can. We also learn about Magnus’ favorite type of music and how that has imprinted his work in an iconic way. Magnus is a humble and talented craftsman with a deep connection to the craft, it’s lineage, nature, and the future of it going forward. We hope you enjoy this chat!


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Mentions from the episode:

Mocotaugan (Bent Knife) Book

Nic Westerman

Adrian Lloyd


Scottish Spoon Hoolie


Jane Mickelborough