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Conversations with greenwoodworkers, spoon carvers, bowl turners, tool makers and craftspeople from around the world.

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Episode 17 – Emmet Van Driesche

We are back! And joined by the one and only spoon carving, coppiced Christmas tree growing maverick, Emmet Van Driesche. We cover a lot of ground in this conversation, starting by learning about Emmet's journey to becoming a full-time spoon carver, to the trials and...

BONUS – Solstice Sloyd Shindig

Mike & I hosted a small informal gathering here in Sedalia, VA the weekend before the summer solstice. A great group of local sloyd enthusiasts gathered and we carved, cooked, swam, and pole lathe turned for a couple days. This is a short bonus episode introducing...

Episode 16 – Julia Kalthoff

Join us for this chat with crafty axe maker Julia Kalthoff. We learn about her lifelong craft journey from her mother's fabric store to working for Wetterlings. We get into all of the the details of the inception and production of the axes she makes--from the long...

Episode 15 – Zed Shah

Join us for this lively conversation with none other than Zed Shah. We get into a wide range of topics, learning about Zed's inroad to bushcraft, spooncarving and the broader sloyd world from his background in social work and marketing. We explore how the geographical...