Episode 08 — Mike Abbott

Join us for a lovely chat with the Godfather of Green Woodworking in the UK, none other than Mike Abbott. We hear about Mike’s journey to the craft starting in the early 1980’s and the long winding road that led him to establishing Living Woods Training in 1985. He shares countless stories of all the folks he has met along the way, inspiring, guiding, and encouraging him to forge ahead preserving and passing on dying skills and traditions. It’s a recount of 30+ years building a green woodworking movement, teaching hundreds of students , and establishing a far flung legacy. We really enjoyed our chat with Mike and are excited to capture and share his story. Enjoy!


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Mentions from the episode:

Tamsin Abbott

Nick Gibbs

Quercus Magazine

Woodland Crafts in Britain by Herbert Edlin

St Fagans National Museum of History

Traditional Spooncarving in Wales by Gwyndaf Breese

Welsh Stick Chairs by John Brown

Drew Langsner

Jack Hill

Dave Sawyer

Stuart King

Don Weber

Jennie Alexander

Mike Abbott’s transhumance

Veritas Tapered Tenon Cutter

The Lumber Horse

Daniel Mack

Owen Jones

Nick Abbott