Episode 06 — Yoav Elkayam

Enjoy this chat with the inimitable Yoav Elkayam. He shares the story of his journey into green woodworking and pole lathe turning and all of the places, experiences, and people that helped him along the way. We get into some of the nitty gritty of making a living as a craftsperson in the modern age, the challenges and benefits of social media, his life at Brookhouse Woods—where he, his partner, and daughter live in an off-grid cabin—and a whole slue of tangential subjects. We also delve into some of the details of end grain pole lathe turning, tools of the trade, pole lathe hook making, wood finishes, and so on. It was a real treat to get this chance to speak with Yoav and for him to share so much!


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Mentions from the episode:

Brookhouse Woods


Mike Abbott

Robin Wood

Jane Mickelborough

Sharif Adams

Adam Hawker