Episode 15 – Zed Shah

Join us for this lively conversation with none other than Zed Shah. We get into a wide range of topics, learning about Zed’s inroad to bushcraft, spooncarving and the broader sloyd world from his background in social work and marketing. We explore how the geographical & cultural distinctions influence craft in different parts of the world, and in particular why the UK is such a hub. We learn about Zed’s journey as a film maker and the evolution of his approach to documenting the craftspeople and skills he documents and shares, the influence of social media on craft, the importance of photography and marketing for craftspeople, the value of developing skills vs buying expensive tools, and a bunch of other little side discussions along the way. Towards the end, Zed shares nuggets of marketing wisdom, which leads to a future episode concept! All around, a really fun and engaging chat with a little bit of something for everyone.

Future Episode Concept

Have any burning marketing or media questions? Want to hear from Zed on them? Send your questions to us and we’ll compile them for a topic-focused Q&A episode with Zed in the near future. Send questions to contact@sloydcast.com


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