Episode 14 – Mark Krawczyk

Join us for this engaging chat with Mark Krawczyk—Renaissance man of permaculture, wood craft, and agroforestry. We delve into his journey from college to study permaculture with Bill Mollison in the early 2000’s which eventually lead him to the UK to learn from the likes of Ben Law, Mike Abbott, and back to the states to intern with Drew Langsner. We explore the finer points of greenwood working in the tradition of chair-making, hickory bark harvesting, and seat weaving—then into the principles and practices of coppice agroforestry and his upcoming book Coppice Agroforestry: Tending Trees for Product, Profit, and Woodland Ecology. We finish it off with an insightful discussion on the tenets of managing a woodland from a holistic perspective. All in all, a wonderful chat! Mark is an amazing wealth of knowledge and experience. Enjoy!


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Pre-order his book: http://www.coppiceagroforestry.com/

Mentions from the episode:

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Make a Chair from a Tree by Jennie Alexander

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