Episode 10 — Fred Livesay

Join us for a lovely chat with the savvy sloyder, Fred Livesay. We learn about his journey through the realms of handcraft starting from the ripe young age of 7, and the decades of exploration and experience he’s embarked on since. We chat about the deep influence of Scandinavian wood working tradition in his work, the philosophy of handcraft and handmade utilitarian objects, immigrant culture and mindsets regarding materials, and some of the finer points of what it means to be a craftsperson beyond the realms of social media and internet algorithms. We also get some history on the beginning of folk schools and the history of North House Folk School. It’s a sneak peek into Fred’s mind, with heaps of subtle wisdom from a skilled craftsman who has spent most of his life immersed in the realms of working wood by hand.


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Mentions from the episode:

Frederick Grundvig and the beginning of folk schools

Danebod Folk School

Video about Danebod Folk School



Oak: The Frame of Civilization

Martin Hazell on St. Peter Damian

Mike Loeffler

Fred’s class at Vesterheim later this summer: Unraveling the Knot Basket: Investigating the Scandinavian Knutkorg